The Kitchen

The Kitchen:

Hi lovelies!

Sooo, previously I discussed the layout of our living/dining room, today I’m going to write a bit about our kitchen layout, this is a long process but you’ll see plenty of pictures and honestly it’s not that boring and quite informative 🙂

As I said before there really, really wasn’t much of a kitchen, I’m assuming it might have to do with it being a commercial building previously and they made it very basic to suit. Where the kitchen is situated is actually an extra extension to the house which definitely benefited the building.

As you walk from the hallway into the kitchen you’ll see on your left a sink, a cupboard on the wall and a cupboard underneath the sink, the back of the kitchen had a boast wall which enclosed a vanity and a toilet- this probably was for ground floor wheelchair access due to it being a commercial building. The solid wooden back door is massive and lets no light in. One window in the kitchen and one frosted in the enclosed vanity and space for a toilet- you can pretty much picture how miserable and dull it looked and felt, was my least favourite part of the house BUT I was excited to transform it 🙂

kitchen 3

kitchen 1

As you can see from above ‘naturally’ our main focus of the house was the kitchen and quite simply because without sounding cliché; it really is the heart of a house, it’s where you cook to feed your family and then enjoy that quality time eating together, also where do we all usually end up at a party? You’ve answered it already haven’t you? Lol, YES, THE KITCHEN!

The shape of our kitchen is known as a galley kitchen so unfortunately (for me) isn’t large and square but instead long and narrow, actually so narrow that we were only able to place the kitchen appliances and worktop on one side of the room, I KNOW RIGHT? YOU’RE THINKING JAYSSSUUS THAT IS SMALL, well at least we thought so at the time.

In reference to the tips I provided on the previous post “the layout” we grabbed our bucket of coffee and plenty of lined and graph paper (you probably used this loads in mathematics, for all those graph diagrams you had to do- see it is coming in handy, bet you thought at the time, when the hell am I going to need this? Well here you are, Lol).

Bucket of coffee


Graph paper

The graph paper is for drawing to scale- I would highly recommend you drawing to scale if you’re re designing an entire room, big or small we used size A3. You may think you have loads more space than you do or you might think you don’t have enough, when in fact, you do. A bit like me actually, I thought we would have been able to fit a small breakfast bar opposite the kitchen, however I soon realised this wouldn’t have been possible – all thanks to the graph paper-drawing to scale 🙂

I’ve linked here a great website to help you get your head around “drawing to scale” it’s pretty good.


N x

25 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. It’s so lovely to see how this house is transforming into a home! The pictures of the kitchen are now completely unrecognisable to the amount of work u and Mike have put into it! How exciting 😘 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing the graph paper idea. I’m thinking of moving to a new apartment next year and this information will definitely come in handy. Thanks again and your kitchen is looking great by the way.


    1. Thanks for the comment Sacha! Graph paper is a great job, I haven’t uploaded any pics of new kitchen, that’s the old kitchen but glad you don’t think it’s too bad lol 🙈 x


  3. Our house was built for the OH before I was on the scene. We’re the opposite to you – large kitchen, but because it’s open plan we lose half a wall plus have 2 window aspects so no room for anything one end. Then we have an Aga that takes up a massive amount of space. So while we can fit in a large 6-8 seater table, we have hardly any work space.


  4. I remember getting out the graph paper when we were renovating our kitchen a few years back. It all very exciting at first. But then I kinda got worn out by all the choices I had to make: which tap? which tiles? which fridge. You have to become an expert on so many thing so quickly 🙂


  5. Good tip about the graph paper – otherwise I would jsut have all these ideas floating around that wouldn’t translate into reality. This is all so exciting – you guys are doing an amazing job I can’t wait to see more as it comes together. Congrats again 🙂

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  6. Hope it all comes together and you have the home of your dreams at the end of the process. I have to admit I have nightmares at the thought of doing it all again but the end result is worth the effort.


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