Let me introduce you to “the house”

I laugh at every time we decide to go to “the house” that’s the name we have for it and I reckon it will stick for a while yet but I’m very excited for the time that we soon call it “our home”.

Welcome to “the house” 🙂


So very quickly we bought 45B, Lisburn, a quaint 3 bedroom middle town house of three with fantastic views stretching to the Dromara hills and on a really clear day you can even see a glimpse of the Mourne Mountains anyone who is yet to have the pleasure of taking in the views of Northern Ireland’s beautiful mountains you should head over to Mourne Mountains and have a nosey.

A beautiful picture of Murlough beach Newcastle N.Ireland showing the Mourne Mountains


“The house” was previously used for architect offices and so was not set out like a home setting…at all! The floors were carpeted with that rough, heavy duty, nylon burgundy stuff, the walls had conduit wiring running around the middle of them in every room along with holes in almost every ceiling. The kitchen? what kitchen? it was a sink on top of two cupboards, a wall cabinet and a wall dividing the end into a toilet and sink for I assume any clients that could not use the stairs and well the bathroom wasn’t much to look at either. Am I painting a good image yet? The house was liveable but in my eyes, not a liveable home and so the ripping and the demolishing began.

N x

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