Saying hello!

Hello wonderful readers, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to introduce you to myself and my other half to allow you to create an introductory image into my world before letting you see our beautiful bakes 😉

Michael and I have been together for almost 8 years… I know right? a long time for a couple that met so young at me only being 16 and Michael 18. I wouldn’t change a thing really… well…no just kidding we are still very much in love (boke here) and still enjoy being in each others company (most of the time). I work for our family owned business, Lambeg Dental Laboratory check us out on facebook –> Lambeg Dental, running the administrative side of things and Michael is a very talented self-employed joiner and builder who has been very successful since arriving home from Oz…

…Yes we travelled Australia together (who doesn’t these days lol) for a year and a half both working together and separately.  We had an absolutely AMAZING time and met the most AMAZING people, anyway I’ll not bore you too much about that right now, although if you wish to contact me about this, please feel free; I will be relating back to Oz when I start writing about our house renovation. To cut a long story short we saved a lot of money and brought it home, home being Northern Ireland.

As you follow my story please understand I’m a very honest, open person who will try my best to help.

Also all you readers please take into consideration all the time, the money spent, the craziness, the happy days,  the sad days and just in general the LIFE DAYS!

N x


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