The Kitchen

The Kitchen:

Hi lovelies!

Sooo, previously I discussed the layout of our living/dining room, today I’m going to write a bit about our kitchen layout, this is a long process but you’ll see plenty of pictures and honestly it’s not that boring and quite informative 🙂

As I said before there really, really wasn’t much of a kitchen, I’m assuming it might have to do with it being a commercial building previously and they made it very basic to suit. Where the kitchen is situated is actually an extra extension to the house which definitely benefited the building.

As you walk from the hallway into the kitchen you’ll see on your left a sink, a cupboard on the wall and a cupboard underneath the sink, the back of the kitchen had a boast wall which enclosed a vanity and a toilet- this probably was for ground floor wheelchair access due to it being a commercial building. The solid wooden back door is massive and lets no light in. One window in the kitchen and one frosted in the enclosed vanity and space for a toilet- you can pretty much picture how miserable and dull it looked and felt, was my least favourite part of the house BUT I was excited to transform it 🙂

kitchen 3

kitchen 1

As you can see from above ‘naturally’ our main focus of the house was the kitchen and quite simply because without sounding cliché; it really is the heart of a house, it’s where you cook to feed your family and then enjoy that quality time eating together, also where do we all usually end up at a party? You’ve answered it already haven’t you? Lol, YES, THE KITCHEN!

The shape of our kitchen is known as a galley kitchen so unfortunately (for me) isn’t large and square but instead long and narrow, actually so narrow that we were only able to place the kitchen appliances and worktop on one side of the room, I KNOW RIGHT? YOU’RE THINKING JAYSSSUUS THAT IS SMALL, well at least we thought so at the time.

In reference to the tips I provided on the previous post “the layout” we grabbed our bucket of coffee and plenty of lined and graph paper (you probably used this loads in mathematics, for all those graph diagrams you had to do- see it is coming in handy, bet you thought at the time, when the hell am I going to need this? Well here you are, Lol).

Bucket of coffee


Graph paper

The graph paper is for drawing to scale- I would highly recommend you drawing to scale if you’re re designing an entire room, big or small we used size A3. You may think you have loads more space than you do or you might think you don’t have enough, when in fact, you do. A bit like me actually, I thought we would have been able to fit a small breakfast bar opposite the kitchen, however I soon realised this wouldn’t have been possible – all thanks to the graph paper-drawing to scale 🙂

I’ve linked here a great website to help you get your head around “drawing to scale” it’s pretty good.


N x

The layout…

Good afternoon fellow bloggers, how is your day so far? 

I’m going to keep this part of our journey brief because no one likes a long ‘rambling’ read all the time, do they? 🙂

The living room: 

Wallpaper is now peeled off the living/dining room walls and  with a few new muscles later we were also able to knock a wall through (dining room side)- leaving spaces for a door per room. Michael then boarded up the living room side with wooden frames and plaster board sheets; so why did we decide to change the doors into the double room? Well it now means we will have more room for a sofa in the living room AND now the hallway can handle a larger radiator instead of the mini one that sits behind the front door when open- resulting in more heat, woo!  🙂

Below is the two door version, you will also notice in the bottom right of the photo that Michael has tracked the walls for more power points, ref: the tips at the bottom – you must plan your permanent fixtures.


Below is the larger radiator in the hall, woo! The other one was a third of the size.

We’re lucky because we are the middle of three houses which naturally means our house will be warmer, however if the majority of you girls are like me then you’ll know how much we LOVE the heat, personally I can’t be warm enough. Michael is the opposite though but he’ll be alright, or he’ll learn to be haha! 😉

Our house had a fireplace in every room minus the kitchen extension, bathroom and box room, they are however all bricked closed. Without a hesitation we decided we wanted a real wood burning fire for a couple of reasons:

  1.  One being for those cold, windy, frosty winter nights when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your man, or woman;
  2. Second reason being that a fire is a social, feature aspect to a room and when you have visitors there’s really nothing better than a roaring fire to set the atmosphere. Michael sledge hammered and cut the natural fireplace out on the living room side, leaving a narrow but tall gap, he loved this bit-as he liked to call it “tearing shit up” haha. While I laboured and placed all broken brick into buckets and carried them out the back-honestly was hoping for guns like Arnie after that episode of carrying-hasn’t happened quite yet though lol.

Readers, renovators, even though we decided that a real wood burner/open fire suited us better this does not mean you have to choose this. There are advantages to a gas or electric fire too. The main reasons being:

  1.  NO MESS, how good is that?
  2. Also you don’t need to store logs, coal, firelighters etc. which means if you store all that outside you don’t need to go out on a cold wintery night to gather them from your garage or shed and you will have much more room in your fireplace room too.
  3.  Some may also argue that a gas or electric fire is cheaper and so more economic.

Here’s a few tips when planning the layout of a room: 

  • FIRSTLY, grab yourselves a bucket of coffee 😋 and a pen and paper.
  • Draw as many scenarios as you can out on paper of layouts e.g. doors, radiators, fireplaces, all the permanent fixtures.
  • Try and decide where you will place furniture and moveable items it helps with the permanent fixtures.
  • Talk with your partner & brainstorm ideas, listen to them. I know, I know  as much as you want to be in control and make the final decision it still really helps to listen to someone’s ideas- we all have different ones you know 😋 and sometimes you can come up with an unbelievable joint decision 😝😁
  • Google, pinterest and Instagram, some cracking ideas for usage of space and storage – Pinterest is my personal favourite, love, love love it!
  • Finally be happy with your final joint 😉 decision.

Most importantly though, ENJOY THE PROCESS!

N x

Here we go…

Hi there again readers how are you today? It was a  pretty miserable Friday the 13th wasn’t it? and today isn’t much better ☹️  OK, SO, I don’t want to bore you all too much with the less exciting parts of this renovation but I do want to hopefully help someone with this part. I’m sure at least half of you have striped wallpaper, even just helping your parents or a friend out for about an hour? 😂 and if the answer is yes then you’ll know how bloody hard, tiring and frustrating it is and if you’re not used to those arm movements then expect to experience dead arms for the next day or two….or three, like I did. Wallpaper scraping will bring those muscles out of hibernation and for me it felt pretty good.

We headed to B&Q; now as a rule I’m not a huge fan of B&Q simply because it seems more expensive than other stores ( being a trades man’s girlfriend doesn’t help, he has me brain washed into where’s the best and not the best haha, anyone who can relate share your experiences in the comments, I’d love to read them : ) ) ; especially for paint on an average day but on the positive side it’s very convenient, opens all the hours of the week and has almost everything you need –> B&Q website The purchase this week was 2 scrapers, scraper 1 which was the one that I’ve always remembered my parents using to scrap that lethal woodchip off the walls and scraper 2 was a more heavy duty ‘looking’ scraper and the moral of the story here is? Buy scraper 2. Both shown below to help you distinguish between the two.

   Scraper 1 – don’t do it to yourself, you’ll regret it, trust me, although they are a cheaper option but for me NOT WORTH THE HEARTACHE 😁 however the smaller version did come in handy later on-I’ll get to that bit later.

Scraper 2 – this is the one you want, trust me, it will make your life a whole lot easier and things will happen quickly 🙂 AND the blades are replaceable for a small cost check out Screw fix – ours broke a couple of times and that’s where we headed 😁 Michael is obsessed with here, I honestly think sometimes he’d rather hang out with a beer and a screwfix catalogue over me 😛

The scraping of the living/dining room began, took us about 3 very stressful nights and 2 long weekend days oh and that was getting ( he might tell you forcing) my very helpful, handsome, obliging younger brother to help us over the weekend 🙂 – if you want the job done quicker muster up a few friends or a sibling but keep their stomach full, that’s the secret to a happy worker, well it is for my brother anyway 😉

Have a good nosey and a laugh at some before and after pictures below,  this way you get a good feel to the work involved.

The first two photos are our living room side of the room …if that makes sense 😊 All photos show that hideous carpet I was describing in “let me introduce you to the house” removed. I’ll see if I have any on my old phone of the carpet because it really is a must see. Especially for you gals and guys.

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Let me introduce you to “the house”

I laugh at every time we decide to go to “the house” that’s the name we have for it and I reckon it will stick for a while yet but I’m very excited for the time that we soon call it “our home”.

Welcome to “the house” 🙂


So very quickly we bought 45B, Lisburn, a quaint 3 bedroom middle town house of three with fantastic views stretching to the Dromara hills and on a really clear day you can even see a glimpse of the Mourne Mountains anyone who is yet to have the pleasure of taking in the views of Northern Ireland’s beautiful mountains you should head over to Mourne Mountains and have a nosey.

A beautiful picture of Murlough beach Newcastle N.Ireland showing the Mourne Mountains


“The house” was previously used for architect offices and so was not set out like a home setting…at all! The floors were carpeted with that rough, heavy duty, nylon burgundy stuff, the walls had conduit wiring running around the middle of them in every room along with holes in almost every ceiling. The kitchen? what kitchen? it was a sink on top of two cupboards, a wall cabinet and a wall dividing the end into a toilet and sink for I assume any clients that could not use the stairs and well the bathroom wasn’t much to look at either. Am I painting a good image yet? The house was liveable but in my eyes, not a liveable home and so the ripping and the demolishing began.

N x

Saying hello!

Hello wonderful readers, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to introduce you to myself and my other half to allow you to create an introductory image into my world before letting you see our beautiful bakes 😉

Michael and I have been together for almost 8 years… I know right? a long time for a couple that met so young at me only being 16 and Michael 18. I wouldn’t change a thing really… well…no just kidding we are still very much in love (boke here) and still enjoy being in each others company (most of the time). I work for our family owned business, Lambeg Dental Laboratory check us out on facebook –> Lambeg Dental, running the administrative side of things and Michael is a very talented self-employed joiner and builder who has been very successful since arriving home from Oz…

…Yes we travelled Australia together (who doesn’t these days lol) for a year and a half both working together and separately.  We had an absolutely AMAZING time and met the most AMAZING people, anyway I’ll not bore you too much about that right now, although if you wish to contact me about this, please feel free; I will be relating back to Oz when I start writing about our house renovation. To cut a long story short we saved a lot of money and brought it home, home being Northern Ireland.

As you follow my story please understand I’m a very honest, open person who will try my best to help.

Also all you readers please take into consideration all the time, the money spent, the craziness, the happy days,  the sad days and just in general the LIFE DAYS!

N x